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Services / programs offered to individual, groups, and the community

School First are committed to ensuring that children and young people from regional areas in both Australia and Africa are well supported to pursue their educational goals.
School First offer a variety of youth leadership programs that educate, advocate, support and empower children and young people to show community leadership within the Goulburn Valley districts and across Australia as well as Africa.

This project is intended to be the next step for the alumni to show community leadership. What a great and worthy cause for young people and our diverse cultural communities to come together on! We have got board members and volunteers represented many cultural backgrounds in Shepparton, including African Congolese, Sudanese and Australian young people and their communities. All of them want to be involved in helping others.

Thanks to FACEBOOK, our Facebook Page has been followed all over the world, including in the refugee camps, where the pictures and experiences have provided hope to others.

Our Services

Employment Networking

The Empowerment Connections program aims to create a comprehensive employment networking platform that facilitates the integration of refugees

Mental Health and Wellbeing Program

This program addresses the mental health needs of African refugee youth and families within diverse communities.

Housing Advocacy

The Housing Advocacy Program for refugees and migrants in Australia aims to have several positive impacts on individuals and specific groups

Diversity and Inclusion Program

The aim of the Diversity and Inclusion Program is to create a workplace environment that embraces diversity and promotes inclusivity in Australia.

Cultural Differences

Masomo Mbele has noticed another challenge faced by refugees and migrants’ workers as well as their children and youth

Cultural orientation

Cultural orientation program provides newly arrived refugees children, youth, and families with important information


We empower the community through Volunteering. We believe that volunteering is the Universal Language that can break barriers between people

Garage Sales

Masomo Mbele Foundation hold a series of garage sales for several reasons. However, this is where all our small funds to support our African Projects

Our network offers other local Shepparton organisations the opportunity to consider how our “Masomo Mbele Foundation” will become an important “Front Door” to drive equitable access and quality cultural appropriate services and programs delivery in the Greater Shepparton Community, across the Goulburn Valley region and within Australia rural and remote regions.