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Masomo Mbele In Australian’s Schools

Holistic Support


Masomo Mbele expand the program to offer holistic support that addresses not just academic challenges but also students’ well-being, mental health, including depressions and anxiety among youth, bullying, stigma and discrimination, suicidal thoughts or ideations, family violence, intergenerational conflicts and other major violence, which lead youth to crimes “African Youth Gang”, social integration, and career guidance. This comprehensive approach will ensure students receive well-rounded support.

Peer Mentoring


Introduce a peer mentoring component where older students from CALD backgrounds can mentor and support younger students. This can promote a sense of belonging, provide role models, and create a supportive network within the school community

Cultural Exchange Activities


Organize cultural exchange activities where students can share their traditions, language, and customs with their peers. This promotes understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures and creates a more inclusive school environment.

Parent Involvement


Engage parents of CALD students by hosting informative workshops, cultural events, and regular communication channels to build a strong partnership between parents, students, and the school. This involvement can foster a supportive home-school connection.

Teacher Professional Development


Provide training and professional development opportunities for teachers to enhance their cultural competence and understanding of the unique challenges faced by CALD students. This will equip teachers with the necessary skills to effectively support and engage these students in the classroom.

Collaborations with Community Organizations


Establish partnerships with community organizations that specialize in supporting CALD communities. This collaboration can provide additional resources, expertise, and connections for students and their families.

To participate in Masomo Mbele Foundation Program at schools, engage with your students and school, please, contact us for further information

Masomo Mbele in African’s School


Masomo Mbele in African Disadvantaged Schools Program is a transformative initiative aimed at bringing education, empowerment, and upliftment to the marginalized and vulnerable children and young people in Africa. This program specifically focuses on those who have been affected by various wars and conflicts involving rebel groups and governments.

Our primary mission is to provide education and support to disadvantaged schools, creating increased opportunities for students from low-income backgrounds, as well as orphans and vulnerable children in developing nations.

Through Masomo Mbele, we strive to address the educational gaps and socio-economic barriers that hinder the progress of these children. We believe in the power of education to bring about positive change and social justice, enabling children and young people to break the cycle of poverty and achieve their full potential.


Our program revolves around several key pillars:

Educational Access


We work towards ensuring that every child has equal access to quality education. This includes building schools, providing necessary infrastructure, and offering scholarships to deserving students.

Teacher Training and Capacity Building

We recognize the significance of well-trained and empowered teachers. Therefore, we invest in training programs and initiatives that equip educators with the necessary skills to deliver quality education.

Curriculum Development

Our program places emphasis on developing tailored curricula that address the unique needs and challenges faced by the target communities. By ensuring the relevance and cultural sensitivity of educational materials, we strive to maximize learning outcomes

Mentorship and Counselling

We believe in providing holistic support to children and young people. Through mentorship programs and counselling services, we aim to nurture their personal and emotional growth, building their resilience and self-confidence.

Community Engagement


We understand that sustainable change requires the involvement of the entire community. As such, we actively collaborate with local stakeholders, including parents, community leaders, and government bodies, to create a conducive environment for learning and development.

Masomo Mbele in African Disadvantaged Schools Program is committed to fostering a future where every child has an equal opportunity to thrive. Together, we can empower these marginalized communities, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.

To participate in Masomo Mbele Foundation Program at schools, engage with your students and school, please, contact us for further information