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Diversity and Inclusion Program

Masomo Mbele Foundation / Diversity and Inclusion Program

Diversity and Inclusion Program


The aim of the Diversity and Inclusion Program is to create a workplace environment that embraces diversity and promotes inclusivity in Australia. By implementing this program, the organization seeks to achieve the following impacts:

  • Increased Diversity Representation
  • Addressing Unconscious Biases and Promoting Cultural Awareness
  • Inclusive Policies and Practices
  • Safe Space for Expressing Concerns and Providing Feedback.

The Impact of the Program


Overall, the impact of the program is to create a diverse and inclusive workplace culture where individuals from different backgrounds can thrive, contribute their best, and collectively drive innovation and success. It will lead to improved employee satisfaction, increased retention, enhanced teamwork, and better decision-making processes within the organization. Furthermore, a diverse and inclusive organization is more likely to attract and retain top talent, enabling it to stay competitive in an increasingly diverse global market.