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Memorial Recognition

Mama Marita Memorial Recognition Awards

Marita – Faith, Compassion, Reconciliation, Connection, and Love

These awards are developed to honour community youth volunteers and potential Masomo Mbele Foundation’s members for their efforts, upholding of organisational principles, and service work. This volunteer memorial award honours Mama Marita, who was initially acknowledged for her great accomplishments and continues to serve as a source of inspiration for others. This Award will be given each (November) year in memory of Mama Marita Taverner whom her faith, compassion, leadership, wisdom, hard work, dedication, and friendship has left significant impression on our organisation and the generation of young leaders of tomorrow.

We hope these awards will inspire, empower, connect, support, and give most marginalised and vulnerable young people, including those with African ancestry, migrants, and refugees as well as Australians’ children sustained access to opportunities. Mama Marita always wanted to encourage children, young people, and their families to connect, build a great life in Australia and always be grateful with what God has blessed us with here in this great land and realise their full potential as people and assimilating them peacefully into the larger Australian community.

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